Grocery Stocking Service

Leave the shopping to us!

Your time at Alta Blackjack is precious, we want you to spend it relaxing. It is important to be sure you have at least two days worth (per person) of groceries in your kitchen during your stay.
If you would like us to stock your groceries for you, we would be happy to.

Here are the details:

  • A grocery stock includes requests for items from up to three stores. Generally these are Whole Foods, a “regular” grocery store and the liquor store.
  • We ask for a confirmation that you are interested in the service as soon as possible and then your requested list at least a week before your arrival.
  • You can be as detailed as you would like to be. Give us quantities, brands (if you have preferences), and, sometimes people like to give some guidelines like- “we like quality”, or “go cheap”. We purvey as close to your requests as we can. Occasionally, we  have to make compromises or small adjustments.
  • We have list templates if you need help composing a list of your own. If you are not sure about quantities or ingredients, you can send us details about your meal plan, things like: number of guests, number of meals and menu and we can help you create a list. We will review. We may call you with suggestions or edits, as needed.
  • We charge a flat fee of $125 for the grocery stock service up to a grocery shop totaling $850. For any grocery total amount over $850, we add 20% (of the amount that exceeds $850) to the $125 fee. (For example, if your grocery supplies add up to $1100, you would be charged the $125 flat fee plus $50 (1100-850=250(.2)=$50) for a total of $175 for the service.) If you choose to hire us for this service, we will have the supplies you request and an envelope with your store receipts stocked in your unit’s kitchen by 4PM.

Please contact us at or 801.742.3200 to make Grocery Stocking arrangements.