Alta Blackjack

Welcome to Alta Blackjack

we are so glad you stopped by!

Welcome to Alta Blackjack!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with us, we are a 27 unit condominium building nestled into the side of the slopes between Alta Ski Area and Snowbird Resort. Our footprint is small, and yet many from far and wide get a wistful, knowing look in their eyes when we speak of this spot. Blackjack was the first condominium to be built in Alta, and when we step out the door every morning we are reminded of this fact, for this is the place in Little Cottonwood Canyon you would choose to stake if you were a builder with your pick of locations, and the Town of Alta was an empty field of snow. Protected by the mountains and the trees and yet serendipitously central to both world class resorts, we occupy a special place in this canyon of special places and in the hearts of the people that love it.

For us, it started with love. Matt was a lifetime avid skier and Mindy was fresh out of college looking for adventure. Both of them chose the hospitality industry to allow them freedom. They met in Telluride. They travelled the countryside. He taught her to ski on the slopes of Mount Hood, an act of love and trueness she couldnʼt resist, and then they followed their bliss to Alta where their hearts were filled with wonder and beauty and their minds were blown by the terrain, the powder, the secret stashes of snow.

The love grew. They got married and had a baby. Now they had someone to love and to share.

The love grew. For each other, and for the place they were fortunate enough to be in. And so did their family and their desire to share.

Now Matt, Mindy, Milo and Mabel Grace Springer all live, work and play at Blackjack. It is likely you will meet all four of us during your time here. Milo is ten, you might see him coming and going from the Alta School, a one room schoolhouse at the base of the Alta Resort. Mabel is two and a half. She loves to tour the building meeting new people, charming new friends. And Matt and I are here throughout, you will see us in our slippers or our ski boots taking care of the building, our family and our guests. We are delighted for this opportunity to share our 55 combined years of hospitality experience and this amazing place in the world with you.

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